Goddess Pele is Alive and Well with Hawaiian Volcano Kilauea Erupting

The Volcano Kilauea

Kilauea is the most active volcano in Hawaii.  The volcano is over 300,000 year old and emerged from the water roughly around 100,000 years ago.  Kilauea is a shield volcano and is one of 5 volcanoes that formed the Hawaiian Islands.  

Kilauea Erupts

The volcano is in the most active period of it's history.  It has been active since 1983.  The volcano lava flow has been so active that it is reaching the ocean.  This is the first time the volcano has done this in 3 years.  So the Big Island is just getting bigger.

The Goddess Pele

Pele is the goddess of Volcanoes and fire.  She is a fierce symbol and guardian of the Hawaiian Islands.  Pele is pictured above by artist DePaula.  Pele's home is the fire pit known as Halemaumau crater.  Halemaumau crater is the base crater of the volcano Kilauea.  Yes my friends, Goddess Pele is alive and well.