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The Mermaid's Seduction

The Beautiful Mermaid Imagine a beautiful woman resting by the rocks.  Her beautiful soft skin, pouty lips, and alluring eyes fixated right on you.  The upper half of her body is shapely, with no hint of what she looks like beneath the water.  No, she is just a regular beautiful woman – nothing more, nothing less.   Much like an iceberg hides much more underneath the water than above it, so does the mermaid. The Lost Souls Like an angler fish dangles a false fish to lure its prey, a mermaid tempts us with lust.  In the sea her true nature is hidden.  Her lower half is a fish tale, with scales and all.  She grabs men who go near and drowns them, oh...

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Mysterious Mermaids

The Beautiful Mermaid The water began to ripple, the delicate waves moved outwards.  Hands emerged from the center of the ripple.  A sensual woman came out of the depths, the only thing covering her curvaceous modesty was her long, flowing and very wet hair.  To look at her was to become mesmerized by her.  Her body called to me like a moth to the flame.  She beckoned me to join her with the promise of sex and happiness. Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus wrote in his journals about seeing mermaids.  History has long talked about mermaids.  Cultures around the world have names for mermaids:  Sirens, Lorelei, Morgans, Havfrau, and Ningyo.  The story of the mermaid it seems is as deep as the ocean itself....

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The Golden Age of Piracy

Pirates in Today's Culture Pirates are a popular force in our culture today, they are probably second only to zombies in generic pop culture characters.  Pirates are so popular you see them everywhere, they have become a sacred cow.  This is where my idea for “The Golden Age of Piracy” ended up.  I have painted several pirate artworks, mostly because of where I live and working with Captain Carl “Fizz” Fismer, a treasure diver.  I wasn’t satisfied with the traditional pirate art, I wanted something more.  I wanted to make the ultimate pirate artwork, the is where I started when creating “The Golden Age of Piracy”. The Pirate Flag What makes a pirate flag or jolly roger so powerful for so many years is how simple the...

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