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The Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe's Beautiful Annabel Lee

The Portrait of Annabel Lee I don't know exactly how it happened, but I wanted to do a portrait in an entirely sketched style done with only black white and gray.  The background now of course would be bright and colorful.  I felt that this would give a striking image.   Alas, who would be the woman?  For such a striking pose, I needed someone special.   Enter Edgar Allan Poe Edgar a genius who created a sort of macabre horror, created poems that where very memorable and quietly disturbing.  One of the poems I have in my head once in a while is Annabel Lee.  I then decided to paint a portrait of the the beautiful Annabel Lee.  Who else would...

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Two Portraits of Jesus Christ

Happy Easter Everyone! I'm celebrating Easter with two newly crafted works of art, "Easter" and "Son of Man".  I felt compelled to create an interesting portrait of Jesus Christ.  Every time I paint Jesus, I paint him with different features.  Maybe one will have a long beard, one might have a longer nose, one might have thin lips or one will have a different hair style.  Anyway you look at it my paintings of christ are all ways unique from each other. The Portrait This Easter I wanted to create a portrait with a piercing gaze, a direct look, right into your soul.  I originally intended this to be a happier portrait, but it turned out differently.  This portrait features ...

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