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For the Love of Treasure

The 8-Letter Word Treasure.  No other word can conjure up a smile on a person’s face like treasure.  It doesn’t matter the age, gender or ethnicity. Treasure, my friend, is treasure. Now what we all imagine as treasure might be different - it's the power of the word.  Why do you or someone you know get that lottery ticket?  For the money, the moola, the treasure, baby. I’ve got treasure on the mind. I’m an artist that paints a variety of things, but a lot of my inspiration comes from treasure, specifically the sunken kind from a Spanish Galleon.  When thinking of treasure, pirates, a beach and perhaps a sunken ship often come to mind.  This admiration of sunken treasure...

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The Golden Age of Piracy

Pirates in Today's Culture Pirates are a popular force in our culture today, they are probably second only to zombies in generic pop culture characters.  Pirates are so popular you see them everywhere, they have become a sacred cow.  This is where my idea for “The Golden Age of Piracy” ended up.  I have painted several pirate artworks, mostly because of where I live and working with Captain Carl “Fizz” Fismer, a treasure diver.  I wasn’t satisfied with the traditional pirate art, I wanted something more.  I wanted to make the ultimate pirate artwork, the is where I started when creating “The Golden Age of Piracy”. The Pirate Flag What makes a pirate flag or jolly roger so powerful for so many years is how simple the...

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The Meaning behind the Skull and Crossbones

Skull and Crossbones is a Lasting Symbol The skull and crossbones is one of the most universally known symbols.  It is a symbol of death, it tells you to stay away, in many ways it is a warning.  But where did the symbol start?  How has the meaning changed over all of these years?  Why does it seem that the skull and crossbones is more popular now than it ever has been. Where did the symbol begin?  It is hard to imagine just were such a widely adopted symbol comes from, or who was the first to "design" the symbol.  This is one such symbol.  Skulls and bones have been used for thousands of years.  The Etruscans used skulls and...

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