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Creepy Month: Memento Mori

Creepy month is a new series we want to try this year, and it involves theming our store and blog posts around the creepiest of the creepy in anticipation of Halloween. Creepy month will start October 1st, and will last through Halloween. We wanted to try this because of our love of the macabre, and we want to engage our readers in different ways, so let us know if you like it! This installment of Creepy Month will go over the act of Memento Mori, something that we've been over in a previous post: The Meaning Behind The Skull and Crossbones. But not in detail, and I've been really getting into the whole concept, as well as the classical art...

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The Top Hat Wearing Voodoo Spirit, Baron Samedi

Not the Kind of Spirit you Drink Baron Samedi is one of the Loa or spirits in Voodoo.  He is most often seen in Haitian Vodou and Lousiana  Voodoo.  The Baron is the spirit of the dead.  He is the head of the Guédé family of Ioa.  His spirit family theme is death, resurrection and fertility.  Samedi is often associated with ancestors and magic. Baron Samedi, I presume The Baron is most often depicted with a top hat and a long-tailed coat.  His face is painted with a skull design or is a skull.  Sometimes Samedi is pictured with dark glasses and cotton in his nose.  He enjoys tobacco and rum.  The colors associated with him are black and purple.  Voodoo Samedi...

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