The Awesomeness of Getting Down in a Parade

Watching Downtown

The other day I was hanging out watching some music videos when the Macklemore's Downtown music video came on.  The song went through it's story and was kinda fun.   Video ends with the whole city meeting up and singing in a parade That was the part that got to me, the awesomeness of an instant parade.

King Ferris Leads the Way

Who could forget it when Ferris Bueller takes over the Chicago Parade?  This iconic movie shows just how cool it can be when you take over a parade.  Who amongst us wouldn't want to be the center of attention in a parade?  To be the person who does all of the right things and impresses everyone in the city?

Everyone Needs a Parade

Feeling down?  In the dumps?  Did you just go through a break-up?  Or Perhaps the opposite is true and things are going well?  Get a raise? Just hooked up? No matter what, parade make everything better.  Everyone needs a parade, just to show you or the world, just how awesome you are!