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The Injury: A Tale of the Un-Awesome

The Injury A while ago I injured my hand.  Before the injury, life was good and there was no sign that the day was going to go South.  This shows you how quickly life can change.  Luckily my hand should have a full recovery, but it has been a long journey. I'm an Artist I'm an artist to the core.  My being is centered around art.  Most of that art involves the use of my right hand.  With my injury I couldn't really use my right hand.  I might have tried, if you check out our Snap Chat you will see.  Everyday I would create something, doodle a board design or plan out the next shirt.  Some days I would...

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The Legend of the Horned Cheetah

The Horned Cheetah My breath was taken aback tired from the long journey through the Sahara.  I reaches a forbidden place.  I heard a light shuffling.  A sound I probably would have never heard if it where not in this place, this unworldly place.  The shadow of the creature made me think it was a large and powerful stag.  This was not a stag though, the shadows danced from glowing lights that seemed to come from the antlers.  The creature was not afraid of me.  It was as if it was I was a peasant in the creature's kingdom. The Sahara  There are places in his world that do not belong in this world.  Life is filled with surprises.  In...

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Goddess Pele is Alive and Well with Hawaiian Volcano Kilauea Erupting

The Volcano Kilauea Kilauea is the most active volcano in Hawaii.  The volcano is over 300,000 year old and emerged from the water roughly around 100,000 years ago.  Kilauea is a shield volcano and is one of 5 volcanoes that formed the Hawaiian Islands.   Kilauea Erupts The volcano is in the most active period of it's history.  It has been active since 1983.  The volcano lava flow has been so active that it is reaching the ocean.  This is the first time the volcano has done this in 3 years.  So the Big Island is just getting bigger. The Goddess Pele Pele is the goddess of Volcanoes and fire.  She is a fierce symbol and guardian of the Hawaiian...

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